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I would love to date right now. However, no one is biting. Which I'm okay with....really.
Maybe the reason behind this date drought is the fact that I'm not putting myself out there. But the truth is, I'm not ready to put myself out there. I have a lot of habits and personality traits which make me "undate-able". And I'm not about to put myself on the market as "defective goods". So here's the list of "undate-able" qualities that I need to work on:

I can't flirt...unless the guy is gay. Then I'm all over him!
I drink milk straight from the carton.
I pick my wedgies in public.
I'm kinda selfish...but at least I know it.
I can't walk in heels.
I'm afraid of kids...I know I'd screw them up or break them somehow.
I tend to snap at people when I'm stressed.
I've got some junk in the trunk....and love handles, fat wings, and thunder thighs.
I have control issues.
I can't relax.
I bite my nails.
I can't be spntaneous...I have to plan everything.
I wear an A cup.
I like to sing in the car...loudly.
I'm a workaholic.
I can't cook...and I hate washing dishes.
I sleep with my mouth wide open.
I complain a lot...but I'm working on it.
I don't read the Bible or go to church like I should. 
I like to be right...all the time.
I tend to be all talk and no action.
I am not feminine...at all.
I am a walking contradiction.

If you know anyone who would love me just the way I am, please send him my way.
Until then...I'll enjoy being single and drinking milk from the carton.

Not So Usual

name: cora
age: 21
hometown: cumming, ga
sign: virgo
status: single
class: senior
major: history/political science and english
gpa: 3.44
activities: football manager, ra, srs, tutor, zta
residence: townes
pet: elphie - beta fish
future career: lawyer
role model: sandra day o'connor
best trip: costa rica
fav book: jane eyre
fav musicain: jason mraz
fav band: the beatles
fav drink: coffee
fav food: sushi
fav author: jan austen
fav city: boston
fav shoes: elenor by keds
fav movie: lotr
fav TV show: sex and the city
fav Broadway: wicked
fav color: silver
currently reading: moby dick
currently listening: last of the mohicans soundtrack


Can you die from over-scheduling?

This sucks! I have a creative writing peice due in ten hours...and I have the worst writer's block ever. Maybe it's not writer's block, but everything I'm typing sounds like crap! It's not focused. It's not flowing. I want to say 100 things and go off into 100 directions, but that's not going to help me much, now is it? Arrghh! This just sucks really bad.

So need to submit about 7 pages of a creative story by midnight.
I have a 2-3 page article review for American Lit due at 9am tomorrow.
Football practice starts in 30 minutes and won't be over with until 6pm. 
Eating at Moe's (maybe) for 10 minutes 
...before rushing to see Maya Angelou at the Fourum tonight!!! That's SO exciting!

Oh yeah...I'm on duty at 7pm.  And I'm supposed to be at ASH from 7:30 to 9pm tonight. Oh well... "Sorry about ya"

Plus I need to read for Dr. Morris' class, but you know that won't happen tonight. I can scan as he talks. 
Need to start my Advanced Grammar test which is due Monday. That's going to be rough.

Mom's coming this weekend. New Member meeting is Sunday and I MUST have the points system in order by then. Hall Program is Sunday after the meeting. Need to advertise for that since no one came to my last one. But I have to get the RLS credit card and buy my stuff for that anyway. Plus pick up that check at High Acres.

I'm too busy. How am I gonna do it all?! 

i'm a grown-ass woman

So I'm supposed to be doing homework. Whatever. 
Lately I've wasted too much time, effort, and brain cells on a boy. I have spent over a year trying to decipher signs and mixed messages. I've basically had the same conversation, just various phrasing, with my suitemates for a year. I'm tired of all the talking, all the words, and no action. 

I need some action, dang it! 
 But how do I go about telling a great guy friend that 'Yes, I have feelings for you. I've had them for some time now. Could you have something for me? If you don't, that's fine, I swear. Just let's not mess with the friendship we have. But if you could see yourself with me...let's try it.'

If only you could say the things you mean to people's faces, and not type them in ambiguous cyberspace.

the start of something new...

New semester. New classes. New start. New Journal.
(but I got homework, so I can't elaborate)